Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Amelia is Two!

I am working on writing up all about Amelia's birthday party but for now I wanted to share some cute pictures of our little two year old (or is it 15? haha sometimes I'm not so sure!)

And can I just say that she is the most beautiful little lady in all the land? I mean, look at that cheesy smile! All the heart eyes! ALL of them!

She loves her daddy, and it just melts my heart!

 Girl after my own heart, picking out something chocolatey and delicious at the bakery!

She's just the cutest, coolest girl ever! 
Isn't it ridiculous how quickly time flies when your kids are little? I wish I could slow it down a little bit, but all we can do is soak up every beautiful minute we spend with our babes! And I seriously cherish mine. Being a mom is the greatest. 

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