Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Short Story!

Earlier this year I self published a short story on Amazon! It was super exciting and a great accomplishment for me. I love talking about mama stuff, but my real passion is writing stories. 

This took me a long time to get this done, mostly because I was so nervous about putting something out there. But I broke out of my comfort zone (thanks to my husband!) and went for it! I've been doing that a lot more lately and I'm really growing as a writer because of it! 

This is my writing Instagram, if you care to follow my journey: @cbateswrites

My short story is available for download on Amazon right now for .99! It's called Away With You: a short story  

and this is the cover: 

I designed it using the program on Amazon! It was so fun and so so easy. 

I'm nearly done writing the novel I've been working on since I published this. It's going to be a good one, and will also be published on Amazon for instant download! If you follow my writing Instagram listed above, you'll get updates on when the release date will be! 

Thanks everyone who has supported me through this and got me to this point. Hopefully one day I'll be the next Jodi Picoult or something 😉 



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