Wednesday, January 21, 2015

BLW: The Second Month

So you are ready for month two of baby being on solids! How exciting! Hopefully at this point he/she is actually eating some of the food you are giving them.

Now that they have had some experience with various tastes and textures, it is time to move onto the second stage.

Here are some ideas and recipes to try for second foods:

  1. Eggs. Many people think that they should hold off a long time on eggs, but I disagree. Eggs are nutritious and easy for babies to eat. Amelia loves eggs SO much, and has never had a problem with them. I serve them scrambled with salt and pepper, sometimes a little spinach in there as well!
  2. Pickles. Yes, pickles. Homemade or store-bought, for some reason a lot of babies LOVE pickles. They are good to chew on, especially for teething.  Amelia's favorite second food was pickles and pickled asparagus. Seriously, if she sees the pickle jar she SCREAMS for some! It's so silly. 
  3. Apples. Baked, sauce, or raw, apples are a great second food. They are also really good for teething if you give them raw. 
  4. Bread. Of course homemade bread is best, but any organic brand you trust works too. I will even toast it just for a few seconds to get it a little warm! 
  5. Banana Toast. Amelia really loved when I make this for her. You smash up a banana, mix in a little coconut (almond or hemp), add some vanilla extract, and dip bread in it. You cook it just like you would regular french toast, but this takes a bit longer to brown. I always use the organic wheat bread she normally eats. 
  6. Spaghetti Squash. Fun, yummy, and healthy! For the first few times just season with coconut oil, salt and pepper!
  7. Pasta. We buy whole wheat, organic pasta that has two ingredients. 
  8. Vegetables. Basically you should be able to do almost all vegetables once they are used to the first few you try. Just be sure you are still only introducing new things every few days, to ensure they handle the new food well. 
  9. Citrus. Oranges, pineapple, etc. are safe now. I just cubed then up into tiny pea sizes, and Amelia scarfed them down! Be very careful to make to oranges small enough! 
  10. Waffles and Pancakes. Without the syrup. I make whole grain/organic ones from scratch. Instead of the syrup you can put fruit in the mix! 
Almost all foods are good at this point with Baby Led Solids, in fact some people even begin beans and meats. We are holding off on meat for awhile, as I personally don't like that. We are going to start beans after we do peanut better which I will give her at 40 weeks (next Monday!) because they are harder to digest. 
If you choose to do meat earlier on, as most pediatricians are now recommending for iron levels, do boiled, organic, free range chicken breast. 

I hope this helps you get the idea of second stage foods! 


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