Saturday, December 20, 2014

Coconut Oil Uses

I'm a bit obsessed with coconut oil, like most crunchy mamas are. I use it for everything and tend to have a bottle in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and nursery. I am sure you have all read plenty of uses for coconut oil, and plenty of positive information on it. Coconut oil kills bacteria, candida, improves digestion, moisturizes, burns fat, and so much more. It can be used for more things than you might realize!

 Well, here is one more list of the uses of coconut oil categorized by room, with a few you most likely haven't heard of before. 

In the kitchen:

1. Cooking oil 
2. Butter substitute (in baking too!)
3. Add in smoothies 
4. Mix in oatmeal
5. Polish stainless steel 
6. Clean/polish wood table
7. Homemade formula
8. Healthy popcorn topping 
9. Coffee creamer 
10. Healthy, homemade mayonnaise
11. Throat lozenge
12. Keeping eggs fresh (by covering each egg shell in a small amount of oil, it will keep them fresh 1-2 weeks longer!) 
13. Ingesting 1 T. a day

In the bedroom and bathroom:

1. Toothpaste 
2. Oil pulling 
3. Moisturizer 
4. Skin treatment/mask
5. Shaving cream 
6. DIY lip balm 
7. DIY cream blush 
8. DIY lotion 
9. In the bath water 
10. Hair mask
11. In lieu of conditioner 
12. Eye makeup remover
13. Oil pulling 
14. Mouth wash 
15. Makeup remover
16. Wrinkle reducer
17. Natural deodorant
18. Natural salve for wounds
19. Cold sore treatment
20. Children's hair de-tangler
21. DIY exfoliator
22. Makeup brush cleaner
23. Natural vapor rub 
24. Stretch mark cream
25. Balm for chapped nursing nipples 
26. Personal lubricant
27. Massage oil 
28. Scentsy wax replacement (used with essential oil)
29. Heartburn treatment
30. Carrier oil for all essential oils

1. Diaper rash cream (coconut oil is good to use with cloth too) 
2. Wipe solution 
3. Lotion
4. Used with one drop of lavender essential oil for bed time infant massage
5. Teething remedy
6. Constipation help 
7. Cures yeast problems (candida and thrush)
8. Cures cradle cap
9. Consuming oil (mom) can increase milk supply for nursing mothers
10. Cure and treat baby acne and eczema

There are almost endless uses for coconut oil. I hope that there are some on this list you may not have heard of before, and that you will start using the magical coconut oil more in your home! We love it here! 

What is your favorite use for coconut oil? Do you use it a lot? In every room?
Share below!

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